What 7 ways to preserve bananas?

Protected and fresh, bananas should be stored in an ideal dark room, ensuring they remain cool and cool for longer periods.

Keeping them cool and protected:

Banana puree can be frozen for longer by removing the skin, pureeing or slicing, and placing the frozen slices on trays to prevent sticking.


Keeping ripe bananas connected after purchase helps preserve their freshness for 3-4 days, while picking them apart immediately accelerates the ripening process.

Keeping them connected: 

Preserve bananas by storing them near unripe fruit to speed up their ripening process, ensuring their freshness for longer.

Storing with unripe fruit:

Depending on the ripeness of the purchased bananas, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six days to extend their shelf life.


Wrapping bananas with transparent film can prevent the ripening process, keeping them fresh and preventing the release of ethylene.

Using Transparent Film:

Bananas are fully ripe and have a long, firm inside that can be stored in the fridge for extended periods.

Freezing Ripe Bananas