barn owl facts: What Do Barn Owls Eat?

By Marco Christiansen | Jun 21, 2021

Barn owls are one of the most fascinating birds in the world 

Barn owl

They are known to hunt rodents, such as mice and voles, as well as bats, frogs, and even small birds. 

what do barn owls eat

Barn Owls mostly eat small animals such as rats, mice, voles, lemmings, and other rodents, as well as shrews, bats, and rabbits 

what do barn owls like to eat

In the wild, they eat a variety of small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and even insects 

what do barn owls eat in the wild

Barn owls are carnivorous birds that feed on a variety of small animals, mostly mammals.  

what do barn owls eat in captivity

 In the winter months, they tend to eat a variety of small birds, insects, reptiles, and even fish!

what do barn owls eat in the winter

They have a highly specialized diet that consists of small mammals, reptiles, and insects. 

what do barn owls eat at night

Barn owls are mysterious creatures that capture the imagination with their silent flight and haunting calls.  

how do barn owls eat their prey

Baby barn owls rely on their parents for food, and their diet consists of mostly insects 

what do baby barn owls eat