Takeoff, a member of the Atlanta rap group Migos, died at the age of 28

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Atlanta rapper Takeoff has died at the age of 28, his family has confirmed. 

Takeoff was a member of the Atlanta rap group Migos and one of the stars of hip-hop group Takeoff & Snoop Dogg's hit song Lucky Charley

Rapper Takeoff, one-third of Atlanta's explosive rap duo Migos, has died. Migos sprang to prominence as a viral force on the local scene before breaking out on the national scale in the 2010s

 They've managed to mold the zeitgeist while retaining their localized appeal, paving the door for following acts, and members refer to Takeoff as the group's hidden weapon. 

According to stories, he was shot after an event at a bowling alley in Houston early Tuesday morning. Takeoff's death was confirmed by his lawyer, Drew Findling. At the time, he was 28 years old.

Migos finished their Culture Trilogy in 2021, after being delayed several times by the Covid-19 epidemic.

 When Takeoff and Quavo began releasing songs without Offset, rumors of the group's breakup began to circulate earlier this year.

 Only Built for Infinity Links, Takeoff's collaborative album with Quavo, was released a few weeks before his death.

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Takeoff was not just a brilliant musical artist with infinite potential, but also a wonderfully kind and kind soul," his lawyer Drew Findling said in a statement published following his death

a member of the Atlanta rap group Migos 

He will be sorely missed now and forever."