Tiny Snake Fakes Theatrical Death To Dodge Human Hand, Video Amuses The Internet

Tiny Snake Fakes Theatrical Death To Dodge Human Hand

A tiny snake impersonates death in place to evade a human hand, and the video becomes viral. Meet the Wallace’s Glass Snake. This tiny snake is one of the masters of disguise. His slender body and transparent skin make him the perfect candidate for an imposter. And that’s just what he does when he’s confronted with a human hand. Watch as the snake seamlessly transforms his body and color to blend in with the leaves on the ground. It’s an incredible display of natural adaptation and evasion tactics.

Tiny Snake Fakes Theatrical Death To Dodge Human Hand

A snake is one of the most feared creatures on the planet. Snakes of all sizes and shapes, from giant pythons to little deadly cobras, frighten and endanger humans. Snakes may be terrifying, but a new video of a little snake trying to die in front of a man is endearing.

Video of Tiny snake faking his death takes the internet by storm


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A tiny snake was caught on camera faking its death to avoid being captured by a human hand. The footage, which was filmed in Indonesia, shows the small snake lying motionless on the ground before it suddenly springs to life and makes its escape. The video of the tiny snake has amused internet users around the world, with many praising its quick thinking.

When something strange and unexplainable goes viral on the internet, there’s usually a good reason for it. And in the case of this tiny snake faking his death, it’s because the clip is just so darn amusing. The video has gone viral, with netizens becoming increasingly intrigued by the tiny snake. The man is seen caressing and stroking a tiny snake in the footage.

The snake avoids the man’s aggressive hands by faking his death in reaction to his touch. The Oscar-worthy performance of the snake, which even pulled out his tongue to show off his fake-dying talents, won many hearts on the Internet. When the man touches the snake, the tiny gentleman rolls backward and opens his lips as though in anguish, indicating his apparent death. It’s definitely a weird and wacky video, but it’s also strangely fascinating to watch. Check out the clip for yourself below, and be prepared to laugh out loud.

The video has left social media users in stitches. Others are chiming in with theories about why the snake acted the way it did. “When hognose snakes perceive danger and fake dead, they could blow a blood vessel in their mouth to make them seem as nasty as possible,” one user said. It does work for certain predators that will only eat live prey and will not eat anything that seems to be dead for an extended period of time.”

Hognose fake death

In the wild, the hognose snake can be found in the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. The hognose is a nonvenomous snake that is known for its unique defense mechanism. When threatened, the hognose will often play dead, lying motionless on its back with its mouth open. This behavior often surprises and confounds predators, who will often lose interest and leave the snake alone.

Tiny Snake Fakes Theatrical Death To Dodge Human Hand 1

According to Discover magazine, seeming death, or thanatosis (as scientists refer to it), is a defense technique adopted by a wide range of organisms. Because predators prefer living prey, it usually works in their favor. Predators may be wary of potential sickness in the presence of dead animals, especially if the trick involves a foul-smelling odor. Although the venom of the hognose snake is deadly, it is amphibian-specific and may not be suited for endangering its predators. When confronted, it instead hisses, secretes goo, and dies.

A recent study published in the journal Herpetologica has found that the hognose snake (Heterodon platirhinos) can fake its own death in order to avoid predation. The study, conducted by researchers at Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina, documented two instances in which the hognose snake played dead to avoid being eaten. “The first case involved a wild hognose snake that was captured and released by a predator (a red-tailed hawk). The second case involved a captive hognose snake that was being fed to a barn owl. In both cases, the snakes remained motionless when their mouths were open and they were simultaneously hyperventilating.

The majority of hognose snake species are non-venomous and consequently safe to humans. Hognose snakes, on the other hand, can generate a weak venom that is only toxic to tiny creatures like toads and mice.

what is the name of the snake that plays dead

There is no definitive answer to this question. Different types of snakes play dead in different ways, and some snakes even exhibit different behaviors when playing dead depending on the situation.

For example, a snake that is threatened by a predator may roll onto its back and play dead, while a snake that is being handled by a human may coil up and remain still. There are many different types of snakes, and each one has its own unique way of playing dead.

Some of the most common types of snakes that play dead include the hognose snake, Grass Snake, Common Kingsnake, Rinkhals Snake, Water Snake, Large-Eyed Bamboo Snake, Military Ground Snake, Texas Indigo Snake, Dice Snake, Chilean Green Racer, Garter Snake, black mamba, cobra, and the rattlesnake. Each of these snakes has evolved unique ways of playing dead in order to increase its chances of survival.

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