Abnormal Sponge animals live in oceans and coastal seas and are found in tropical to temperate waters around the world. To understand them better, I will explore their structure, function, and the ways that they can be used to generate different types of knowledge about Sponge animals and the ocean. I will define a Sponge animal and then discuss the ways that Sponge animals have shaped ocean ecology. I will also talk about how Sponge animals affect the physical oceanography and the biology of the ocean.

Sponge animals are bottom-dwelling sea creatures within the class Porifera in the animal kingdom. The Sponge animals page is the world’s most trusted online Sponge animals encyclopedia, over It contains information a lot more about Sponge animals from around the world, Sponge animals articles, and pictures to help you learn more about Sponge animals and the scientists that study them. Discover more about Sponge animals here