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  1. The series is based on the stories from the Lion King, but it features new characters and a new story.
  2. The Lion Guard facts is based on the classic 1994 film The Lion King.
  3. The Lion Guard explains that Beshte is the strongest in the Pride Lands
  4. Given how dangerous it is, the Lion Guard is amazed that hyenas would hunt elephants.
  5. The Leopard just introduces himself as Makucha and says that the squad must first
  6. When the Lion Guard discovers the two sleeping, they insist that they did not start the stampede.
  7. Ono is hesitant to leave the cave until Zazu pushes him to leave before the Lion Guard can begin to clean the debris.
  8. Before Hafifu and Majinuni are hurt, the Lion Guard rushes to protect the brothers, and Kion tackles the forest hog.
  9. Cheezi and Chungu, eager to see Janja once more, chase after the Lion Guard as they flee to investigate the matter.
  10. Together, the two groups extinguish the fire after the Lion Guard joins in.
  11. When the Lion Guard shows up, the elephants are forced into a rocky gorge.
  12. Cheezi and Chungu advance swiftly toward the hampered Ono as the Lion Guard approaches.
  13. The Lion Guard instantly offers Makuu their apologies as he directs his float to carry on with their training.
  14. The Lion Guard thanks his contribution before departing to save the herd.
  15. He is recognized by the Lion Guard as a well-behaved Pride Lander, and they ponder his destructive behavior.
  16. The Lion Guard, a 1998 sequel to The Lion King, is set in the interim between The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.
  17. Kifaru is successfully guided to Tamasha by the Lion Guard, but Ono arrives with the news that Mwenzi is having issues with Makuu before he can join in the fun.
  18. When Kion finally emerges from the muck with the hare securely in tow, the Lion Guard waits anxiously, dreading the worst.
  19. When the Lion Guard arrives on the scene, Janja and his gang have already begun attacking the elephants.
  20. Beshte knows the zebras as Muhimu’s herd and the gazelles as Swala’s herd when the Lion Guard comes on the scene
  21. They follow the Lion Guard as they run to bottom of the river, where Kion decides to jump onto a hanging branch of a tree and roar the zebras to safety.
  22. The Lion Guard is a new Disney Junior show that premiered in 2018. The show is about a team of lions who protect their Pride from danger.
  23. It’s an animated series that revolves around the adventures of the Pride Lands’ most distinguished lions, who have been recruited to serve as the royal guard for the future King of the Pride Lands.
  24. The Lion Guard is a new animated series from the creators of The Lion King and The Lion King 1½.
  25. When the Lion Guard arrives to help, Kion learns that Makuu has taken over Big Springs, forcing the other animals to change habitats.
  26. The Lion Guard is a group of lions who protect their king and queen, and they fight against enemies that threaten the Pride Lands.
  27. The Lion Guard runs after their friend, but as they get to Pride Rock, Kiara’s pals Tiifu and Zuri deliver her a great surprise.
  28. The Lion Guard is a franchise that focuses on lions and the people they protect.
  29. As quickly as the Lion Guard returns, Kion chastises Reirei for robbing other animals.
  30. The franchise has three films and has had two spin-off series. The first series, The Lion Guard, is a CGI animated series that focuses on the adventures of the Lion Guard. The second series, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roars, is a CGI animated series that focuses on the adventures of the Lion Guard during the Roar of the Roars.
  31. The Lion Guard is a group of animal heroes, brought together by the king of the lions to protect the kingdom of Simba and preserve the traditions of the past.
  32. The Lion Guard arrives quickly and discovers Bunga and Laini’s galago buddies sleeping in the tree branches.
  33. While she and the rest of the clan are capturing Janja’s clan, the Lion Guard sends Madoa to notify the Lion Guard.
  34. capture him as the Lion Guard attempts to chase him away.
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what's the lion guard?

Based on the 1994 Disney movie The Lion King, Ford Riley produced the American animated television series The Lion Guard.

What are the hyenas names in Lion Guard?

Notable Hyenas in The Lion Guard
  • Janja’s Clan. Janja. Cheezi. Chungu. Nne. Tano.
  • Jasiri’s Clan. Jasiri. Madoa. Tunu. Wema.
  • Hyena Resistance.

what are the lion guard characters?

Max Charles

David Oyelowo

Rob Lowe

Diamond White

Maia Mitchell

Steve Blum

Eden Riegel

Jason Marsden

Gabrielle Union

James Earl Jones

Andrew Kishino

Joshua Rush

How old is Kion from the Lion Guard?

At the end of Simba’s Pride, which takes place roughly 17–18 years from now, Kiara and Kovu should be about 3 years old. They are in their adolescent years because Kovu’s mane isn’t fully grown yet and Kiara’s body is getting thinner. So, Kion should be roughly fifteen years old.

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