Tiny Snake Fakes Theatrical Death To Dodge Human Hand, Video Amuses The Internet

A tiny snake impersonates death in place to evade a human hand, and the video becomes viral. Meet the Wallace’s Glass Snake. This tiny snake is one of the masters of disguise. His slender body and transparent skin make him the perfect candidate for an imposter. And that’s just what he does when he’s confronted with a human hand. Watch as the snake seamlessly transforms his body and color to blend in with the leaves on the ground. It’s an incredible display of natural adaptation and evasion tactics.

New Species Of Horned Dinosaur Discovered In Northwest New Mexico

Scientists who have been studying the fossil of a previously unknown species of horned dinosaur in northwest New Mexico have discovered a new species that they believe is a primitive ancestor of the Triceratops and its kin. The scientists believe the fossils are from the late Cretaceous period, about 66 million years ago, and that the new species has 3 large spikes on its head and a bony frill that protected its neck. The discovery of the new species has been published in the journal Nature. The new species is called Triceratops horridus, and it was discovered by a team of paleontologists. Bisticeratops froeseorum, a new species of horned dinosaur, has been discovered in New Mexico.