The biggest snake of the world

The biggest snake in the world is a fascinating topic that has captured the interest of people around the globe. These snakes are awe-inspiring creatures

Interesting Facts About Reptiles You Most Likely Didn’t Know-Animal Facts

There are several kinds of Reptiles in the world, each with its own unique qualities, behaviors, and habitats. what do reptiles eat? what are reptiles. where do reptiles live? how does a reptile differ from an amphibian? reptiles characteristics. reptiles that live in water. what reptiles give live birth. snakes are reptiles. types of reptiles.

12 Different Types Of Water Snakes In Florida

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing water snakes in Florida. But we may not have to wait too much longer to get a glimpse of the said snake. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is conducting a water snake survey to figure out how many water snakes there are in the state. Experts think that there are only about 100,000 water snakes in the state, but they need your help to get a better estimate.

The king Cobra Snakes – Facts, Pictures & Habitat Information

The king cobra is the largest venomous snake species on the planet earth. The King Cobras have very few natural predators and are usually only a concern in small country areas. Their fast movement, venomous bite, and difficulty of capture make them dangerous to both humans and other animals and have sparked controversy in many countries. Some countries are so concerned that they have made them illegal to own.