California is a unique state with a lot of biodiversities. One of the most unique birds in California is the California state bird. The California state bird is the quail. This is one of the smallest birds in nature. Quails are common in the state. The California quail is a small, ground-dwelling bird that can be found in many parts of the state. The California quail is the official state bird of California, and it has a long history in the Golden State. Learn more about the California quail facts & diet Habitat

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California State Bird | Quails in California State Birds Facts & Diet Habitat

What is the state bird for California Why?

California state bird quails: The California quail is the official bird of the state of California. The quail are found throughout the state but are most common in the Central Valley. In 1931, the California quail (Lophortyx California), commonly known as the valley quail, was recognized as the official state bird. It is a widely dispersed and highly appreciated game bird known for its durability and adaptability, and it is also known for its beautiful call. there are many different characteristics recognized as the official state bird of California, but the quail is the only bird that can be found in California. California is home to many different bird species, and the quail is one of the most interesting.

California Quail birds - state bird of california

California bird

COMMON NAME: California Quail
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Callipepla californica 
TYPE: Birds
SIZE: Length: 10 inches
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves 
Order: Galliformes
Family: Odontophoridae

california quail facts

A California Quail is the smallest species of quail. However, They are also incredibly hardy and adaptable and can live in a variety of habitats such as grasslands, shrublands, and even urban areas. Here are some more California Quail facts:

  1. This bird was hunted for food by the aboriginal people. Its feathers were used to decorate baskets and garments. It remained a significant commercial item. It is still hunted for sport but under strict protection regulations.
  2. California quails are mostly ground-dwelling birds with short and strong legs that they employ for sprinting. They prefer to run rather than fly when attacked. Their average ground speed was 19.3 kilometers (12 miles) per hour.
  3. They have the ability to fly quickly, but only for short distances. A speed of 61.2 to 93 km/h (38 to 58 miles/h) has been measured while in flight.
  4. California valley quails are quite gregarious. In the fall, these birds move in small groups or coveys of 25 to 40 birds. However, the coveys may include a greater number of birds. Coveys with over 1000 birds have also been reported.
  5. Most of the time, one of the birds serves as a defender while the others forage. This protects the entire group from predators.
  6. Gambel’s quail, mountain quail, scaled quail, and northern bobwhite are all similar in appearance. The Gambel’s quail, on the other hand, lacks the scaled underparts and the brown sides and crown.

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Quail are adorable, but they are very small and can be difficult to find. Their unique calls are also very difficult to describe. If you’re looking to learn more about these unique birds, check out these additional resources California state bird.
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